Graco Pack and Play Countur Electra 130.000/bulan

* The bassinet is suitable from birth to 6.5kg/3 months or until baby can push up on hands and knees 
* The bed is suitable from birth to about 3 years/ 15 kg 
* The changing table is suitable from birth up to 11kg/ 12 months

* Removable storage tray, box for hygiene products, box for nappy wipes and nappy bags 
* Quick, easy umbrella set up and folding thanks to folding buttons 
* Removable and foldable changing table 
* Does not take up much room thanks to its reduced length (104cm) 
* 2 wheels to move the bed easily 
* Carry bag included with holes for the wheels for easy transportation and an attached extra storage pocket 
* The new-design raised bassinet is more comfortable for parent's backs

* NEW Innovative temperature & timing tracking module 
* NEW Storage compartments are included in this bassinet so parents can travel easily with minimum luggage 
* NEW design- Raised bassinet offering best position for the baby 
* Bassinet mattress vibrates gently (on a timer) to soothe the baby 
* Integrated changing table for easy use whilst travelling 
* Good width so that baby has more space (73 cm) 
* Four mesh sides for visibility 
* Detachable control box for night light, music and vibrations

* 7 feet for perfect stability, of which 2 are wheels 
* Corners in rounded plastic 
* Well designed, rounded frame

* Opened : 104 x 73 x 93 cm 
* Closed : 23 x 23 x 85 cm. 
* Weight : 10.3 kg (without accessories)

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