Medela Swing Maxi - Rp 280,500/bulan

Features and benefits for Medela Swing Maxi Double Electric Breastpump with Calma

  • Medela's Swing Maxi double electric breastpump with proven 2-Phase Expression
  • Express more milk in less time
  • Double pumping stimulates increased levels of prolactin--leading to increased milk output
  • Up to 18% more milk compared to single pumping
  • A small and compact breastpump which is easy to use
  • Calma Solitaire included, the only research-based feeding solution that mimics the unique breastfeeding sucking behaviour of a baby
  • Requires Y batteries
Designed for discreet, everyday pumping with minimal fuss, the Medela Swing Maxi Double breast pump is designed to mimick your baby's natural nursing rhythms as well as having 2-Phase Expression, as well as featuring two pumps to make expressing your milk more quick and efficient. The pumping action works in two stages:

Phase 1: Stimulation Phase-stimulates the let-down reflex, imitating baby sucking rapidly

Phase 2: Expression Phase- pump automatically moves to a slower speed as the milk begins to flow

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