Baby Bjorn Air Carrier 110,000/ 2 week

Features :

Breathable and cool fabric in three colors
The airy, breathable 3D mesh wicks moisture and heat away from you and your baby. The mesh on the inside of the baby carrier is especially soft and feels comfortable against your child’s skin, while gently shaping itself to his or her body.  Available in black, marine blue and white.

Provides back stability
The enhanced lumbar support is individually adjusted and provides comfortable back stability. The back support and the wide shoulder straps work together to provide maximum carrying comfort and relieve pressure.

Ergonomic for your child
The baby carrier has an ergonomic design that provides the proper support for your child’s head, back and hips from birth.  The head support is adjustable and can be folded down so that the child may be carried facing forward when he or she is a bit older and able to hold up his or her own head.

Adjusts to your baby
Fits babies from 8 pounds and 21 inches up to 26 pounds.

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