Jumperoo L'abeille - Rp 126,500/bulan

When your baby grow to a stage of embarrassed, he is a little unbalance to stand, he always want to move with his body and seems he need something to support, otherwise it made him angry and sad .To dodder along baby a jumper is better than a mama’s hand hold. Baby can stay within this jumper safety scope to keep moving, jumper and learn to walk privately!
Learning walking and jumping by one excellent jumper can enhance the balance and muscle at the same time, you do not need to wrong the fallen hurt to learn-walk anymore.

Product details :
*360 rotation, multifunction game chair with active bouncing.
*Keyboard play with melody.
*Fun toys for promote the sound, tactile, visual stimulations:plush lion ,elephant, rattle with digit.
*Soft fabric covers with spring for keep the baby finger safe from clamp.
*Machine washable

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