GB Beaula D620 177,000/bulan


GB D620 stroller compact structure design, volume remaining after folding 1/3, for you to save more storage space and the appearance of beauty, to bring you the amazing feeling, while the internal functioning of the United States more in their daily use to bring my mother the most comfortable experience.
* Suitable for ages 0 - 36
* Stylish and unique look
* Aluminium frame, surface anodization
* One hand folding design, folding after standing
* Backrest angle can be adjusted, can be lying
* Closed car, small size, light weight
* Material : aluminium tubes
* Maximum load capacity: 15 KG
* Weight : 7.3 Kg
* Front wheels diameter : 5.3-inch
* Rear wheels diameter : 6.7-inch
* Seat effective width: 340mm

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