Earmuff Baby to Todd - 55,000/2 week

The ear muffs are designed with 3 layers of professional noise dampening foam, high sealing solid cup and the unique shell, the ear muffs offer a SNR 27 dB (Noise Reduction Rating) for ears. With the latest sound insulation technique that is able to reduce sound to 27dB, the hearing protection ear muff is suitable for large-scale activities and sports events. Ideal for baby below 3 year-old.
Sunday Baby Protective Baby Earmuffs

Bikin perjalanan si kecil semakin nyaman dengan Sunday Baby Protective Earmuffs! Baik untuk perjalanan singkat maupun jauh, Sunday Baby Protective Earmuffs melindungi pendengaran anak yang masih sensitif dengan Noise Reduction Rate hingga 21 dB, namun tetap ringan (cuma 108 gram!).

Headband nya terbuat dari PVC leather, kain yang lembut, dan bantalan foam untuk meningkatkan kenyamanan si kecil saat memakai earmuffs. Earmuffs dapat digunakan dari newborn hingga anak usia 2 tahun, tinggal menyesuaikan diameter earmuffs dengan mudah!

Product Features :
- Reduce sounds up to 21 dB (NRR)
- Soft and comfortable with foam-filled cushions and fabric/leather headband
- Easily adjustable from newborn to 2 years old
- Lightweight, only 108 grams.

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